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Busy leaders, entrepreneurs and challengers in HR who want to reinvent themselves, their teams and their organisations to be fit for the future NOW in a positive, forward-facing community
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    We live in an accelerated world

    Digitisation is dramatically changing business models, customer interaction and stakeholder expectations. Employees want a consumer grade experience. An ageing demographic, talent shortages, automation, multigenerational workplace, social everything, pressure to prove your value to the business…Your role is getting more and more challenging and complex. Do you feel prepared?

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    The old ways of doing HR are gone

    Do you know your AI from your agile? Do bots terrify rather than tantalise you? Is data more daunting than dazzling? Being yesterday’s compliance function no longer cuts it. Today’s HR leader is agile, data-driven, digitally savvy, employee- and customer-centric and business focused. Do you feel your organisation is changing faster than you are? Are you driving change or being driven by it?

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    There’s never enough time

    You know continuous learning is today’s critical factor to survive and thrive. You know you need to build your personal brand. You know you should widen your network. But there’s just no time. Today’s successful HR leader has to navigate a maze of information. It’s about resources, not courses, in a world based on relationships, trust and networks


A Message from People Space Leaders Academy Founder Siân Harrington

Do you feel overwhelmed? If you do, you’re not alone. HR and learning and development professionals feel overwhelmed by stress at least once a month. It’s no wonder. You only have to look inside an HR leader’s brain (below) to see the complexity of issues you have to deal with. You’re always on.

And now there’s the ‘future of work’ – a catch-all for the new technologies, new business and HR models, digital transformation and changing work patterns that are happening in your world now. You know you need to keep on top of it. You know you need to unlearn past ways.

But how do you this when the pace of change is exponential? How can you get up to speed when you just don’t have time? Especially when there’s so much hype out there. Just Google ‘future of work’ – and then work your way through the 2,960,000,000 results!
I get it! As an award-winning HR and business editor, I’ve spent years trying to keep on top of the transformative changes in my sector, media. I’ve moved from typewriter, hot metal and tracing paper on photographs, through online publishing, social media and the death of the traditional media business model. I've never known anything but a disruptive working world.

During all this I realised I could not help others grow if I didn’t grow myself, and thus began my passion for self-learning. I had to unlearn ‘the way things are done’ and teach myself new tools and models in order to survive. I had to develop my personal brand. I had to decide what’s worth pursuing and what’s not. All while managing people and doing the day job. It’s exhausting!

How great it would have been if I could have gone to one place to easily access independent information and a trusted network to help me keep up to speed.


This is precisely why we created the People Space Leaders Academy – to help you keep on top of the changes in the world of work, fast. What’s more, it’s accessible, easy to understand and expertly created and curated.
  • We read, watch and summarise so you don't have to spend ages searching Google, ploughing through content and attending courses.
  • We're independent, pulling on our founders' decades of writing about HR, business and people management. You can access in a few minutes what we sweat over every day, how and when you want.
  • And you can connect with a vetted community of inspirational people leaders, all positively embracing the changes that have arrived and are coming to the world of work.
Think of it as your pocket guide to the digital world of work, filtering out the noise so you can get where you are going, faster.


So what do I get ?

People Space Leaders Academy is based on Four Pillars

  • Curated
  • Resources
  • Future-facing
  • Legacy


This is where our editorial curators select the best papers, videos and guides on a different subject.
Think of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the changing monthly exhibitions at Delhi's National Gallery of Modern Art or the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It's like these: a quarterly collection of assets to give you a working knowledge quickly and to help you to find what you want in one easy place.
Like museums and galleries, we are building up our 'exhibits' over time, so will revisit subjects as we get richer in content. We also take input from members about Collections they would like to see.


The Resource Library includes articles, videos, and exclusive downloadable documents on key areas relevant to you and the future of work.
Limited to the best explainers, how to guides, case studies and long read/book recommendations, the Library is regularly updated through input from members so that only the most useful, information is available.
  • Fourth Industrial Technologies
  • Future Fit HR
  • Future Fit You
  • Future Fit Organisation
  • Horizon Scanning


Join HR leaders from organisations including Coca Cola European Partners, EXL, Total Produce, Government of India, Palace of Westminster Restoration Project, Gatwick Airport , Dorchester Collection and more.
You can connect, chat and message members in real time via your desktop, mobile or our iOS or Android apps. It's like the LinkedIn and Facebook for forward-thinking people and HR leaders.
Why not post a blog in a safe, vetted environment or share content you think others will find useful?
And you can build face-to-face relationships through our member events in London, UK.


Help to move HR forward and increase your influence through our quarterly HR Action Forum, helping you identify the real connections and drivers of business outcomes affected by HR processes and capabilities.
Get free access to HR tools and methodologies usually only available from top tier consultancies to improve your, and your team's, effectiveness, like the Human Capital Value Profiler from top people analytics experts Dave Millner and Dr Max Blumberg.
Build your own, and your team's capabilities with a personal development audit or workshop, from our leadership development partners. And build your personal brand through The People Space.

Peer to peer connections in a high quality, safe environment leads to high value, authentic benchmarking. People Space Leaders Academy provides quality, lifelong learning in the middle of a lot of digital babble

Nalin Miglani, EVP and chief human resource officer, EXL

Regardless of where we are in our careers we can all benefit from actively participating in professional networks. The best networks are ones that challenge your thinking, they share great content, give you a fresh perspective and help you to develop and grow. People Space Leaders Academy does exactly that and is home to a community of incredibly progressive practitioners and thought leaders

Karen Beaven, multi award winning HR director, mentor, author, founder of PX Innovations and The IVF Coach

In such a fast-moving world it is essential that professionals continually share and build their knowledge. People Space Leaders Academy provides the perfect environment

David Frost, organisational development director, Total Produce plc

The People Space community is growing and the content is rich and diverse, helping leaders add value, inspire and be inspired

Tea Colaianni, non executive director and chair of Remco, Watches of Switzerland, DWF Group and founder Women in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure 2020

Not sure what plan is right for you? Let us help (secure payment via PayPal or invoice)

  • Are you time poor but want simple-to-understand explanations of new technologies and the most essential practice, thinking and guides? Then why not start with the Time Saver plan
  • Do you want to share learning with your teams and organisation? Then Value Creator is for you
  • Are you a people leader who wants to increase your influence, leave a legacy or make the next steps in your work life? Check out the Influencer plan
  • Or would you like all of the above – and to enable your HR team? If so, the corporate package is for you
  • Providers: this is a practitioner-led and vetted network and we limit the number of suppliers. If you would like to find out more please get in touch through the email at the bottom of the page.

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